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Is there one wardrobe item that now ranks as essential to your workout routine based on your fitness experiences during the pandemic?

Sports bra, because I don’t want to chafe from awkward seams and have an open wound around people. Female 35

Leggings and sports bra. Female 25

Facemask. Female 44

Workout gloves that can be machine washed and are good for gripping exercise equipment. Also, great for keeping my hands clean when handling high touch areas. Male 53

Need performance masks for workouts. Female 43

Running shorts. Running increased during pandemic and I now wear running shorts as casual wear. Female 42

Men’s workout spandex and shorts. Male 26

A good sports bra is essential because I’m exercising more during the pandemic. Also, running shoes because I’m going through them much faster than pre-Covid.
Female 35

A mask and sports gloves. Female 33

Pants. Exercising more so like the athleisure look but with performance capacity. Female 38

Shoes. Shoes make the run. Male 38

Pants/shorts with pockets.Female 29

Comfortable, fast dry underwear and short. Female 35

Yes, my workout pants are anti-microbial. I like the fact that they help protect me again certain germs especially while sweating. Female 47

Leggings with pockets to keep my phone on me at all times so I can respond to emails/calls/texts and participate in Zoom calls easily around the house while also watching/occupying my 2 kids.
Female 33

Socks. Having the comfort and moisture wicking fabric of nice socks are a must for my workouts. Male 37

A work-out bra is a must have for me, since I can wear it all day and keep moving. Female 32

2 in 1 shorts with a compression underwear built in. Male 32

Being female, the sports bra is the most important article. Followed closely with leggings. Female 32

Yes, shorts and leggings that transition easily from exercise to work to lounge.
Female 31

Neck gaiter. In some areas I can pretty easily stay 6 feet from other runners/ cyclists/ walkers. In areas where I can’t do that, I wear a neck gaiter and pull it up when I get close to other folks. Since it’s summer I would love to find a fabric that would keep me cool. Female 43

No, all my gear works together as a system. Male 35

Hoodie. To be fully safely covered. Female 36

A workout towel. Female 48

Fitness bra. That’s the important thing for ladies. Female 32Yoga pants. Performance, function, versatility.
Female 39

Padded bike shorts. I’ve been cycling and mountain biking more lately. They make a huge difference. Male 40

Higher-waist leggings that don’t fall down during yoga. Female 26

UV neck gaiter - if I need to stop for a restroom or water, I can use it as a mask.
Female 35

Good shoes. Good inserts. You always have to protect your feet and make sure they support you properly and to also help with possible back problems. Female 39

Lightweight long sleeve hoodie, it’s the comfort and I also feel protection with long sleeve with the hood. Male 51

Sports bra. Especially one that carries a phone. I don’t like running without my phone, it just doesn’t feel safe. And a sports bra that does the job of a sports bra well AND carries my phone is one I will purchase. Female 37

I seek out performance underwear to stay cool and to stay dry. I don’t like to feel wet or clammy after I have just been walking or doing a physical workout. Male 42

Hydration pack, as water fountains are not available. Male 35

Breathable face covering.Male 34

My anti-microbial yoga pants ranks as essential in my workout routine nowadays because it’s always nice to stay extra protective.
Female 34

This may not be a wardrobe but a good towel is essential to me now. I have been going at a higher intensity then usual so I sweat more. Male 24


How important is a “Made In America” product label in your decision making process?


“I prefer to buy American but knowing that many products are sourced elsewhere and only assembled in the US has decreased my interest in shopping this way.” Male / 30

“Love to support local companies, but not a decisive factor in my decision-making.” Male / 28

“If it is comparably priced to a product that isn’t made in USA, I’ll pick the one made in USA.”
Female / 36

“While Made in America is nice to know, price is also important.” Female / 37

“More importantly would be what state it is made in. Made in America feels quite general.” Male / 27

“It is more important when purchasing items online. If I can determine quality (and fit) for a product in a brick-and-mortar store, where it is made does not matter.” Female / 45

“The assumption is a USA made product will be quality but that does not always hold true.” Male / 28

“As long as the company treats their employees fair, it doesn’t matter what country it comes from.” Female / 30

“I generally do not think about where a product is made before grabbing it, but if I happen to notice two products side-by-side and one clearly states that it’s made in the USA, I’ll get that one, depending on the price difference.” Male / 27


“I prefer Made in America to help our own economy grow and because I believe our quality is second to none.” Male / 31

“It will be the decider between two similar items.” Male / 18

Because we make a good quality products Female / 39

“I enjoy most when a product is made here in the U.S. We have all the resources and talent.” Male / 38

“Giving back to American is very important to me.” Female / 38


“There is no clear benefit to ‘Made in America’where product quality is concerned, and price is usually higher regardless.” Male / 32

“I’m more concerned about the brand than where it’s made.” Female / 37

“Things made in America are usually more expensive and not always better quality.” Female / 29

“Great quality products are made [all over] the world. I would love to keep the money in the American economy because I live here but it would not affect my decision to purchase a product.” Male / 31


Do you relate the concern about plastics to your wardrobe products made with polyester?

YES / 34%

“I recently washed a sweater then dried it by mistake. The way it feels and ‘sounds’ makes me wonder what it really is!” Female / 49

“Natural items sound better.” Female / 56

“I do know this is a bi-product, but its synthetic nature outweighs the plastic concern.” Male / 38

“I worry about toxins in all areas of the environment, including my clothes!” Female / 48

“I try and limit plastics both in my housewares and my clothing (like polyester) as they can harm sea-life.” Male / 31

NO / 66%

“I’ve never thought of this before. I think I should.” Female / 41

“I had not considered that before, but it’s a good point that probably gets overlooked due to water bottles and grocery bags getting most of the press.” Male / 30

“I hadn’t thought about clothing being part of the growing plastic accumulation on our planet.” Male / 41

“I haven’t yet, however after reading this question I will be.” Female / 38

“I never really thought about plastic being in polyester. That’s a really great question.” Male / 29

“I’ve never really thought about that to be honest since polyester is so ingrained in the outdoor community.  This is something I’m going to have to research more.” Male / 42