Footwear Insight - MaY/JUNE 2019
What Shoppers Want: Newness

Customers love spring shoes — and they’re actively looking for new options. That’s the takeaway from our latest survey with MESH01. We asked 155 active men and women between 18 and 60 about their warm-weather shopping habits, and almost 90 percent of them said they are actively looking for new brands at least some of the times they’re shopping ...

March / april 2019
Vegan Footwear / Buying for Kids

We asked consumers to weigh in on their purchasing habits. When it comes to their kids’ shoes, parents let us know they have two main requirements: The shoes need to fit (59 percent said it was important to them that their child’s foot be measured during the shopping process) and they need to last (in the comments, “durability” came up again and again.)

Consumers Talk Boots

When it comes to boots,  consumers want them to be work-ready.  We asked consumers what they lookf or in their boots, and the results were illuminating. Most respondents said the boots they regularly bought were for function: cold weather boots, rain boots, work boots or hiking boots.

November / December 2018
Let The Shoes Tell The Story

What’s a work shoe? Anything you need — or want — it to be. While pumps, laceups and dressed-up styles may have been the workwear bywords of the past, today’s playing field is as broad as the market itself...

July / August 2018
Inside the Mind of the Footwear Shopper

What do customers really want out of a footwear shopping experience? Where do they buy their shoes and how often do they expect them to last?

September / October 2018
What Consumers Think of Foot Scanners

People WANT more information about themselves — AND they’re open to the technology that gives it to them. That’s the takeaway from our survey with MESH01 about the consumer’s openness to the new generation of foot scanning systems...